Birthright Of Quincy

Welcome to our very first blog! We, at Birthright of Quincy, work very hard to get our message out to as many women and girls as possible facing an unplanned pregnancy who may need our help. So we’ve started this blog to share information, education and guidance as well as offer love and support to anyone needing help with a crisis pregnancy.

Abortion is a very serious matter, and we understand that when someone is faced with an unplanned pregnancy, it can cause stress and worry. We are here to offer a listening ear in a confidential manner. We want to ensure that every woman and girl feels like they can contact us with any questions they may have regarding pregnancy and abortion, as well as offer any help they need during their pregnancy and after. Whether it’s unplanned or planned parenthood, we are here for them no matter the situation. We are non-political and non-controversial, we just want to offer love and support to women and girls in their life journey.

Want to know more about Birthright? Click here to learn about our history.

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